MSPCA Nevins Surgical and Dental Unit

Methuen, MA
  • Owner: M.S.P.C.A.


  • Architect: Blue Sky Animal Care Architecture


  • Area: 1,200 sqft


  • Duration: 6 Weeks


  • Project Type: Renovation


  • Building Use: Veterinary / Animal Shelter

This project for the MSPCA at their Nobles Adoption Center involved the renovation of an existing office space to create a new dental and surgical suite. Prior to the creation of this space, the Dr.’s and staff had previously been unable to do dental work for the animals that came to them, sometimes unhealthy or abused. This new unit can accommodate animals from rabbits to horses.

The biggest challenge we encountered was running construction project in a facility that was fully occupied with all types of animals that were already stressed.

This entire project was funded by donations to the MPSCA.

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