MSPCA Nevins Farm Canine Adoption Unit

Methuen, MA
  • Owner: M.S.P.C.A.


  • Architect: Blue Sky Animal Care Architecture


  • Area: 4,000 sqft


  • Duration: 6 Weeks


  • Project Type: Renovation


  • Building Use: Animal Shelter

This Canine Adoption Unit needed an upgrade to address a lack of acoustic dampening in the area. Second, the original K-13 ceiling was not intended for the high dirt area of an animal shelter. Finally, the entire area needed better drainage giving the dogs a more comfortable and clean area while they wait for their forever home.

The renovation included three adoption rooms, which had to be done one at time, as quick as possible, while the dogs were relocated to other rooms. A washed down facility was incorporated to help keep the kennels themselves cleaner as well as new lighting and ceiling elements to soften the harsher aspects of a kennel.

This entire project was funded by donations to the MPSCA.

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