Logix Health

Bedford, MA
  • Owner: Logix Health


  • Architect: PK Studios


  • Area: 150,000 sqft


  • Duration: 3 Years (ongoing)


  • Project Type: Renovation


  • Building Use: Commercial Office Space

Over the years, as Logix Health has grown and acquired new buildings, we have been hired for all their construction needs.

Multiple projects consist of:
• Open office renovation
• Executive offices renovation
• Touchdown room
• Atrium renovation
• Multi-purpose rooms
• Mail room
• Custom maintenance shed and storage
• Bathroom Renovation
• Custom gym with locker rooms

One of the hallmarks of these project is the contemporary style and high finishes that consist of a bold range of colors, shapes and designs throughout the buildings.

For more information on this project, or to discuss your project, contact:

Kenco Development • 599 North Ave • Suite 6-2 • Wakefield, MA • 781-587-3497 • info@kencodevelopment.com