Dawn DiPersio

Office Manager
Since 2017

• Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Bentley College.

Dawn has over thirty years of experience working with small to midsized companies with a growth mindset. Her area of expertise is funneling strategic planning into tactical solutions through financial planning, human resource management, advertising and marketing management and process analysis. According to Dawn, the best part of working at Kenco is seeing the drive and enthusiasm everyone brings to their jobs every day and knowing that she gets to play a part in it.

Fun Facts: I serve on the Board of Directors of Eammon’s Heart, a nonprofit that focuses on substance abuse prevention by giving disadvantaged children opportunities to pursue their talents and interests outside of school. In my spare time, you can find me with my husband and two daughters. I am a big outdoor enthusiast and love boating, paddle-boarding, kayaking, running, gardening, snowshoeing, and skiing. I also read a lot and belong to a several book clubs.